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Most gutter cleaning jobs cost between $180 to $320, based on the size and complexity of the job.

Factors influencing the cost of a gutter clean include:
-height of the gutters (i.e. single story or double story etc.)
-pitch/steepness of the roof

-size of the roof

-difficulties in access (obstructing trees etc.)

-gutter guard

Yes. By using imagery from Google Maps and asking a few basic questions, I can quickly gauge how difficult and time consuming the job will be and price accordingly.

If you need to get your gutters cleaned, ask your neighbor if they need theirs done too. Typically I can discount ~20% for two neighboring homes, thanks to the time saved with set-up, pack-up and transportation etc.

The Gutter Cleaning Process

It is usually not necessary for you to be home. As long as we can access the premises and a garden hose connection, we can get the job done. We will always take before and after pictures to show you the previous condition of the gutters and the quality of the work completed.

Our preference is always to clean from the roof, rather than from a ladder. This approach is faster, safer and avoids disturbing gardens by repositioning the ladder. For some roof types (polycarbonate, slate, very brittle or very steep roofs) it will be necessary to clean the gutters from the ladder rather than from the roof.

Step 1 – Set-up: Ladders are secured with straps and anti-slip devices so that the roof can be accessed safely. As required, temporary anchor points are installed to facilitate the use of a safety harness. This does not damage the roof in any way.


Step 2 – Cleaning: All leaves, weeds, soil and other debris are removed from the gutters. Cleaning is done by hand or vacuum depending on what is in the gutters. When cleaning by hand, debris is collected into bags, rather than thrown to the ground.


Step 3 –  Rinsing: Gutters are rinsed down with water to check the flow and to check for any blocked downpipes. Any blockages in downpipes can be cleared.


Step 4 – Clean-up:  Any mess from the cleaning process will be cleared up. All waste taken away, disposed of in your green bins, or left on-site as compost if you prefer.

Step 5 – Inspection: The roof is inspected for any potential issues such as broken tiles, excessive rust, potential leaks etc. and any identified issues will be repo0rted back to you. Often, minor issues such as a broken tile can be resolved on the spot at no extra cost.

No. While some providers may simply use a leaf blower of throw muck from the gutters down to the ground, the Reliance Gutter Cleaning process ensures the outside of your home will be left as clean and tidy as before.

Gutter Guard

No. In my experience, most gutter guard products perform poorly and all provide a bad return on investment for home owners. For this reason, we do not offer to install gutter guard.

Yes, but it will be best to discuss your options over the phone. The cleaning process will depend on the gutter guard installed. Cheap plastic guards can usually be removed and disposed at no extra cost. Expensive, screw fixed gutter guards can be cleaned or removed depending on their condition. Well maintained gutter guard can often be cleaned using a pressure washer, and opening up in sections to remove bulk material.

Unfortunately, dealing with excessive moss, grass and weeds growing under and through the gutter guard mesh can be an intensive process. 


Yes. I have several years of experience in the roofing industry. Relevant certified training includes;

– Construction induction (white card)

– Work safely at heights

– Height safety equipment inspection

– Operate elevating work platform <11m (Scissor and boom-lift)

– Licence to perform high risk work – scaffolding

Proof of licence and qualification can be provided on request.

Yes. I am covered with $5 million public liability insurance and am compliant with Workcover requirements. Certificates of currency can be provided on request.

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